Analysis of Participatory Mechanisms for Rebuilding Damaged Housing Choices Villages in Earthquake-stricken City of Bam



Currently in development and its strategies in developing countries there are different opinions, but what almost all experts, development and relevant international institutions, many have emphasized on the necessity of emphasizing human development nations and active participation in the development process is. Two decades more than two million people worldwide died of natural crises have lost Statistics show that economic losses due to this crisis in three decades, the border tripled in 40 billion dollars 1960 to 120 billion in 1980, has been killed the other hand, 90 percent of the developing countries have been. Earthquake as one of the most destructive natural disasters factors disarranging programs are developed with the earthquake because all programs available to stop developing its resources are spent rebuilding physical and human. Considering that prevent such damaging phenomena present in the factors and elements can not be established climate change as a result of any principles and remedial solutions must be exclusively on the ground and among residents in areas relevant search. The fifth mornings Jan. 2003 earthquake magnitude large parts of Kerman province rattles this earthquake with magnitude of 6.3 Richter cause destruction of a large part of Bam city and surrounding villages and injure significant financial losses brought to. The earthquake between 45 to 50 thousand people died and more than 19,000 units of city buildings in earthquake-stricken region, the Bam and Baravat destroyed.

Research methodology

Study in terms of objective research, applied research, in terms of degree of control and supervision of field type, method of research is the correlation method The statistical study of all rural households earthquake-stricken city of Bam earthquake, which is influenced by 5 Jan. 1382 are located. According to the Statistical Center of Iran Statistical winter after the 1382 earthquake has published over 20 villages around the city of Bam have suffered financial losses that injure and accordingly included 1935 households in 23 villages located in central part (located in two municipalities: Suburbs (15 villages), villages kerk and Nartich (8 villages) is. in this study map provided by Iran's Statistics Center of the villages studied the degradation of the four floors has any appropriate class size desired selected community samples measurement validity and the necessary reforms, the questionnaire provided teachers who have activity participation was after considering the comments to set the final questionnaires established. the 40 questionnaires the first, the preliminary test was conducted as alpha value choronbakh 84 / 0 was that the amount for research is acceptable formula for determining sample size cocran was used to determine the sample size was 156


Level of participation in planning and decision that the respondents wish to participate in this are the level of, 3.2 percent of them not much willingness to participate, 33.3 percent of People with low participation, 38.5 percent average participation , 25 percent wish to participate in high level planning and decision making housing reconstruction in earthquake-stricken have. Participation of people in financial level showed that 53.8 percent of respondent's financial participation and value not mentioned have zero. 100 percent participation respondents generally low rate was very low and no from the research participation of people desire to provide human resources, indicated that 9.6 percent of people very low rate of partial supply of human resources, 14.1 percent of people oriented to low supply of human resources, 39.1 percent of people The average rate of supply oriented workforce and 37.2 percent to provide large amounts of manpower are oriented. Results that the correlation analysis, the variables education, number of literate households, satisfaction, cohesion, social, economic base - social, motivation development, history of agricultural employment, rural public institutions join, type of land ownership, the use of information resources, history agricultural employment, good management and coordination between institutions responsible, incentives, Activity Council and the village has a positive relationship means dependent variable dependence government research, the damage and number of household members lost a significant negative relationship and the variables age, family size, and wealth without connections with the participation and solidarity in the reconstruction are damaged housing.


Respect to mortality rate in the Bam earthquake and other earthquakes in Iran seems that most of buildings are old and non-resistant buildings should be so resistant against fault and activities are safe and special materials, light earthquake be used in making them and control and more control over the matter and instruments manufacturing, and construction occurs only by qualified professionals with business licenses and legal relevant organs to be done. Also secure the necessary awareness in buildings occur in people in financial difficulties in the villages that sustained damage in earthquakes are high Construction according to regulation enforcement does not resistant buildings is essential procedures easier and more cost that In addition to adequate seismic resistance of the rural economy and the level of technological capability and performance and they are proportional to replace former methods for Construction Materials in rural areas is selected such a low volume (low cost large amounts can be to be carrying point), light stability, technology executive of simple and complex technical calculations require the joint could be Reconstruction of housing choices to be tried with careful study and survey suitable for the villagers participate in planning, true, accurate and timely to be emphasized before any executive action several meetings with the villagers must be advisory and comments will use them in this field can be the short-term courses to increase awareness to promote and develop educational programs cholera Hammett said the majority of the respondents that their participation rate in the field of announced and zero financial fields of planning and decision-making and provision of human resources Medium to high for reconstruction have announced the authorities in this field, that forces the use of native and involvement in decision-making and giving them separate from planning to create employment, the despair and frustration reduce earthquake-stricken people. This cause will be taken on the authorities of a large shower.