Survey the effects of improvement in agriculture productions on poverty in rural sector



The most important subject in villager's researches is survey of household's incomes. Most of Iran villagers are farmers and they live with money of selling agriculture outputs. Then every event that damages their outputs, can cause villagers poor. In this paper, we introduce a model for studying the effects of agriculture outputs improvement on poverty in villages. For empirical survey, we review the effects of agriculture outputs improvement on worker's wages in villages of Gorgan and Gonbad e Kavoos with NLS method and survey effects of good weather on poverty in rural sector. Results of this paper show that outputs improvement in agriculture sector can be the way for comparison with poverty in villages and securing villagers living.
Research Methodology
In this paper, we divided poverties to three fields. First, workers that work in land of owns of lands. Second, people that have land but their land is so small and they can not have so much products and their productions are so low. Third, people that do not have land and should work on other's land. Now, when agriculture products decrease, these people income decline and then poverty rises. This classification comes from studies of Barret and Dorosh (1996). They used this classification in their studies in rural sectors and with this classification can survey poverty so better.
In this paper as an experienced work, we survey effects of improvement of productions in agriculture sector on poverty in some rural of Iran. Then because rice is one of most important productions in Iran and many farmers live with moneys that come from selling of rice, we limit our survey to effects of improvement of rice productions on farmers of Gorgan and Gonbad e Kavoos living. Reason of this limiting is existence of data of agriculture's productions and yearly products of these lands. Therefore we limit our survey to 300 farmers of these villages and years of 1370 to 1386. In this paper we use from NLS that is an econometric method for estimate and is stochastic.
In this paper we divide poverties to three groups, people that they do not have land, farmers that work on land of others and people that have small land for product only their foods. Then we select a sample with size of 300 ricers from rural of gorgan and gonbad e kavoos for years of 1370 to 1386. Then we estimate an equation with NLS method.
Results of this estimation id\s shown that whether is affected on farmer's productions. Therefore if whether be so bad the farmer's productions will be so low and then farmer's income will be so low and productions will be so low. Then that damages living of households. In this paper we consider improvement of agriculture productions as increasing productions of real land and it has positive relation with worker's wage. We shoe that increasing the number of farmers has negative effect on real wage of each worker, because of with rise of supply of labor, wage of each worker declines. Number of lands with real wage of each worker has positive relation, then with increasing of number of lands wage of each worker rises and reason of that is increasing demand for workers.
Important result of this paper is that wether is so much important factor that affects on farmer's productions and therefore that is affects on poverty. The aim of this paper is that we want to show improvement productions of agriculture sector can affects on improvement of rural workers wages and living of Landers. Then our surveys show that good wether is an effective factor that affects on poverty in rural sectors.
Results of this survey show that improvement of productions of agriculture sector cause to improvement of rural worker's wage and secure foods of all people of Iran.
We show that weather is a factor that affects on poverty in rural sector and can cause to decreasing of productions in this sector and cause to decreasing of demand for employ of more workers.
Therefore we proposed that different ways for improvement of productions in agriculture sector can cause to rising of worker's wages and can secure food of people of all of country. That improvement of methods of swimming and using from soil and improvement the protection of government from agriculture products as comparison with import of many different kinds of external production that are producted by internal farmers in our country, can improve productions in rural sector.
At least we should say that attention to rural's living can avoid from migration of rural people to urban.