Strategies of Ecotourism Development in Marivan Township



Today, one of the new economic opportunities, as well as the social and ecological needs of the world due to strongly growing and expanding, is the tourism industry. Nature is one of the most important economic activities in different parts of the world a therefore it is a very good opportunity to provide visitors to be aware of the importance of preserving culture and how to protect local culture and nature. The conditions for local communities and remote areas make good natural incomes for the country because of the potential benefit in many aspects of religious tourism, indigenous, natural, pristine environment, agriculture, livestock, wildlife, protected areas, forests, mountains, rivers and other natural resources, always as the association tourism in the territory of the land has been raised. Therefore, through the existing tourism opportunities in the country, despite natural attractions, pristine landscapes and good climatic aspects of tourism strengthens. In these areas, execution of planning and strategic partnership with the new approach could be one of the ways to exploit these opportunities with the potential for a city in the middle is Nature. Among rural areas due to geographical location Marivan township itself includes plenty of natural potentials that have already optimized for various reasons and, sustainable usage of these opportunities is not so, in order to diversify the sources of economic growth and foreign exchange earnings and create job opportunities, tourism development and its related economic activities in order to provide leisure areas for citizens, is important too.

With regard to the subject of study and research purpose, the methodology of this research is descriptive and its manner is analytic. Descriptive methods to study the international experience and domestic related literature were discussed in Nature Methods SWOT analysis technique. This technique is very useful for analyzing the current situation analysis and decision making, evaluate outcomes and options is to select not only the current landscape, but also the future opportunities and threats to consider. Therefore in this study to achieve the first questionnaire in the form of a SWOT table for a strategic model designed to provide samples (including 50 experts in township planning and management organizations, custodians, and 150 people) were given. The strategic matrix was designed this way to identify the weaknesses and threats and then the appropriate strategies should be presented. Therefore, this study is not only based on the strategic model, but also the current outlook for future opportunities and threats in the regional development would be examined.

Based on the results and analysis of each of the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats of local officials and groups participating as X and Y chart pattern developing strategic nature of the view that the authorities were planning in terms of having the opportunity Nature and attractions in the region is high, but the development situation in nature with various aspects of the threats for the region to follow. Yet from the perspective of Natural Potentials of people in the region was a suitable opportunity and conditions for uses outside of these opportunities were provided. The total score was calculated in terms of officials in the strategic model that showed the strengths and weaknesses in terms of regional nature equal 4/5 and for equal opportunities and threats were -1/2 People from the viewpoint of the total score calculated for the weaknesses and strengths oriented nature of development equal to 5/1 and for the opportunities and threats 0/7 were estimated. So from the viewpoint of local people, the township in terms of platforms and capabilities of Developing of inner nature of Marivan city were stronger than the outdoor opportunities in this direction for the development of the region from the viewpoint of nature, the desire to aggressive strategy, but officials from the perspective of these conditions, pictures of people and their comments external conditions governing the development of nature in the region not seen in the appropriate situation and why their strategy for the development of focal nature of strategic models in the range of diversity strategy placed. So it seemed that achieving sustainable regional development Nature was better at first, a variety of strategic development priorities of nature in the region considered to eventually provide conditions and potential to maintain and strengthen the region as the affecting natural factors, and sustainable development of nature in the area could be provided.

Based on the results in order to enhance a sustainable development in studying the nature of area, the viewpoints of the people and the officials summed diversity strategies as part of a strategic package for the recommended action.