The Villagers’ Satisfaction of Dehyari (Rural Management Unit) Performance (The case study: Ghazvin Province villages)



You cannot find any modern society without organizations. All societies need the organizations for achieving their diverse goals. Modern professional organizations are doing many functions for their host societies such as: producing and distributing high quality products, provision of health, education, recreation and entertainment services, security and safety. The specialized organizations could be found in the public sector too. Examples of these organizations are: parliament or government organizations in the national or macro level, organizations such as housing and urban planning office in middle or provincial level and municipalities, rural management organizations, as well as rural and urban councils in the local or micro level.
Dehyaris similar to other public organizations should be aware of their performances for satisfying the rural population. It's important because village councils are elected by the people's direct votes. The councils are very sensitive to the people's satisfaction for two reasons: one for themselves and the other for the Dehyari as an organization in their command. The present research is one of the first projects in the field of villagers' satisfaction of Dehyari.
one for themselves and the other for the Dehyari as an organization in their command. The present research is one of the first projects in the field of villagers' satisfaction of Dehyari.
People's satisfaction has an important role in The performances and objectives of any public organization. Villagers with satisfaction of their rural management organization undertake their public duties such as paying local taxes and participating in public programs more confidently. The managers and officials who know the public opinion try to value the people's points of view. If they find any incorrect views, they would seek better tools for informing people and avoid using pressure and force for changing people's views. Therefore, awareness of people satisfaction includes many advantages for Dehyaris, such as:
• Increasing of Dehyari' efficiency;
• Increasing of Dehyari' responsiveness to the demands and need of villagers;
• Increasing of general trust to Dehyari organization;
• Increasing of public participation in Dehyari programs and plans;
• Increasing of Dehyari legitimacy in the villagers' public opinion and views.
The rural management organizations that have measured and studied villagers' views are aware of the existing problems of the villages, as well as, public needs and demands. This knowledge can help for better prioritization. They can go forward for solving the problems and respond better to people's needs. In the other hand, those organizations without respect for villagers' views might do worthless works based on the watchful eye of people. Although they have spent money and resources for diverse works but they couldn't go ahead for more people's satisfaction on Dehyari performance.
People satisfaction of Dehyari (Rural Management Unit) is an indication of rural management achievements in the fields of efficiency and responsiveness.
The main questions of the research are as follows: what’s the situation of people’s satisfaction in the field of Dehyari’s performance? What’s the people’s satisfaction in comparison with their evaluation of Dehyari organizational performance? What are the aspects and weights of people’s satisfaction typologies of Dehyari’s performance? How significant are the influences of the variables on satisfaction of Dehyaris?
The research has been done by using survey method in 9 villages of Ghazvin, Abeeyek and Alborz districts. It had 200 respondents and they were chosen by laws of probability sampling method in the villages with 3 types of performances: high, medium and low.
The findings showed that almost 70 percent of respondents have satisfied from their Dehyaris. If the organizational satisfaction evaluation is high, then the amount of village’s satisfaction will be high too.
This amount of satisfaction for a one decade born organization is considerable. These two factors of the findings should be mentioned: one is the generality of Dehyari’s performances and the other is the disorders of rural managements because of land reforms in the 1960’s. These new rural management organizations could get villagers satisfaction by doing constructional activities such as preparing the roads and repairing them, if necessary; making their surrounding spaces clean, etc.
Rural societies are not as complicated as the urban ones. The villagers are similar together and there are no major differences between them. There has been no stable management organization from 1960s until the establishment of Dehyari in 2000s. Although there were some experiences such as Khane-ye- Omran Roostayee (Village's Construction House) and Khane-ye- Hamyar (The Helper House) but they didn't have institutionalization and judicial stability that are essential factors for organizational precise performance, Therefore, Dehyaris are capable for obtaining people's satisfaction by doing mostly constructional works in a field without competition.