Presenting an Appropriate Method for Classification The Villages with Rural Planning Goals



In Geography science and the related fields, grouping and classification of factors for heavy homogenous and non homogenous families is necessary. As a whole in total studies especially those of urban and rural, for better understanding of existing features, their reasons and olataining suitable results and finally providing the best approaches, the grouping of inputs and statistical family is necessary. Such works are very important in Iran with more than 62000 villages and hamlets that are distributed on the vast area of the country with different physical conditions, or in the India that there are more than 300000 villages located these. In this research the authers tried to provide a suitable and scientific method based on a quantitative plan from famous American scientist, Walter Rostow, with four effective systems on a geographical area, both a province or a country; and a region, and the authers didnot apply the old methods and plans that gust compares the areas only, despite in the professional studies about villages and rural Geography, the villages are not classified by any scientific methodology. In such Suggestive Approach, the total Basis of Physical conditions, Social factors, Economic forces and political factors that are dominated on the Region and are effective on the whole of subject of a Rural Region and villages are Notable for the Researchers. The above mentioned factors are determining the Rate of Physical, Social, Cultural and economic developments of a village or a Rural Region.

The methodology of this article is mainly experimental - analytic and the type of Research is Applied-Developmental. To provide and receive data and statistical items, the authors used professional Authorities, Internet sites, bibliopolic Information and official software are used to reach the Aimed Results. Sometimes they overe obliged to study precisely for ware exact results, used statistical application forms as Field study. The aims of the subject are as fallows:
1-obtaining a suitable quantitative Method for grouping of villages especially In Iran.
2- Recognizing this fact that rural problems are not only related to physical conditions; and they are not the main reasons for causing rural problems.
3- Understanding the social factors Knowing how and the Role of Revolution of society in developing.
4- political programs and decision - makings are affected in deformation and grouping of villages and hamlets.
5- Unification and cooperation of geographic factors for a scientific classification of villages, by using the W-Rostow plan.
6-Rural Economy is the most important Factor of Rural conditions in present and Future time, so Economic Factors must be used as Economic system, Because two title Namely: Economy and Development are among the main factors for developing the rural Regions.

Regarding the main objectives of this research, Rural development and Rural Planning, are the main and the most important ones. Off course classification of villages and Hamlets that are Located on a geographical Region must be done at the and such classification must be done on the base of suitable and real plans and Indicators. Moreover, there is a Suggestion to avoid using only statics or comparative factors as: population size, Shape, Type of village, location, kind of water Resources, ownerships, land, Special Production, and so on. When the authors grouped a Big Rural family to some level or some Groups, then they can give whole of Specifications of some village in a group to total village located on that group. The suggestive scientific approach for classification would be resulting to facts about Facilities and potentials Exist in a village, vice versa must be showing and determining the challenges and some difficulties that cover that village. Hence classification of villages Based on Walter Rostow’s plan is Best Approach that we can use four Systems that have been introduced. Geographers can obtain the best Results with needed Analysis. In this Approach (Method) as usual, some statistic tables must be provided at first step. These tables are as fallows: 1- Privileging physical system. 2: Pririleging social system. Table 3: Privileging Economic system, and 4: Privileging political system. In second step with Regard to Each Important factors, for example in social system: Density of population, Mean of population, sex and Age rates and migrations from village to cities are noted. The Movement of population to outside of villages and rural areas is very important and acts as a serious Factor, because it’s trend with cause to uninhabitating villages, and unusable the natural resources such as: soils and waters.

By Giving Points to Each of these Factors in four systems, Researchers considered some points. Then with Regard to total points from 4 tables, a Mathematic Indicator has been drawn at the second step. The vertical Axis of indicator Allocate to Levels of Development of villages and Horizontal Axis to time units that are Decade. The Levels of Rural Development are: primitive traditional village, pre Take off Period, Take off Period and Finally Developed village respectively. The time units Determine that in each decade and Exactly in Each year developme nt has been occured. For example a village was at Pre take off period 26 years ago and it Reached to complete Development in ten years and finally has thans formed to a small city in present time. For showing those periods of Development, one can use some colours or sings in the Indicator. For Example the awthers selected and studied the period of Development in Robate poshet Badam village, that is located at Eastern part of Yazd province. This village with a population about 3000 is the center village in Robatat County. It condists about 15 Main villages and more than 50 Hamlets. Nowadays this village is nearly a classic developed and mature village and is shown in the first Level in classification of this Rural Area.