“Pathology of the Agricultural Insurance System From Viewpoint of Insurance Specialists at Kermanshah Township”

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Education and Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Razi university, Kermanshah, Iran.

2 MSc., Department of Agricultural Education and Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Razi university, Kermanshah, Iran.

3 PhD. Student, Department of Agricultural Education and Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Razi university, Kermanshah, Iran.


Because of the great importance of the agricultural sector, governments have always tried to provide pervasive insurance programs to help and deliver a secure platform for farmers to produce more and better on the one hand and provide social justice on the other hand; however, rural communities resist acceptance of agricultural insurance. This qualitative research aimed to find problems of agricultural insurance system and prioritize its problems in Kermanshah City from the perspective of insurance experts. The present study was conducted using grounded theory. The study population comprised experts working in the agricultural insurance system in Kermanshah that 25 of them were chosen by theoretical sampling. Data were collected by in-depth interviews and focus group discussions through three methods: open coding, axial, and selective analysis. Finally, 11 problems in the agricultural insurance system were identified. In the second step, the experts ranked these problems using appropriate tests. Based on the findings, lack of job security and policy experts, inappropriate administrators to the level (as the highest priority), problems of credit access, poor services provided by insurance system, incomprehensive insurance laws, using outdated technologies, low levels of institutional partnerships, as well as 5 other problems were detected in the agricultural insurance system.


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