Point Four and social changes in Iran(Book review "review objectives and performance Truman's Point Four")

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Islamic Culture and Thought, Tehran, Iran


Iran has experienced great changes in history but today the speed and nature of social changes, has created different conditions that require understanding social native pattern designs. an adaptation of Western theoretical models and applications on the basis of raw materials and instances in Iran, is a common response to the question of circumstances of achieving suitable social patterns and the right way appears through the production side, not consumers. In other words, research in the social history of Iran can determine the course of social change and the role of actors and other co-founders, the pattern of social change in Iran can be extracted. The important factors in social changes before the Islamic Revolution are affected by the type of external relations particularly with the United States of America. The influence of this relationship is mainly considered in political and military related services and other critical areas such as economy and culture has been ignored. Limitations and weaknesses in scientific production in this area spread a sign of politicization in the field of social science research in Iran. This paper investigates on reviewing objectives and performance of Truman›s Point Four, analysis of the Point Four program is the only reference that can be used in the design of social changes of Iran.


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