The role of artistic ecotourism on sustainable rural development based on the adjusted cultural diamond approach (Case study: villages in the central part of Lahijan)

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The role of artistic ecotourism on sustainable rural development based on the adjusted cultural diamond approach (Case study: villages in the central part of Lahijan) Seyyed Asadullah Jabari Senior expert in art research, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Gilan University

In any country, ecotourism, along with industry and agriculture, plays a significant role in the development of a sustainable economy. Gilan; Especially Lahijan city, which is known as the bride of Gilan, with the attraction of the pool, mountain, forest and green fields of tea and rice, clay soil, wooden architecture, delicious local food, local music, handicrafts, etc. plays an important role in attracting He had a gardener. The main problem in the way of ecotourist residences, which somehow produce cultural and artistic content in the villages, is the isolation of each of the residences based on traditional (physical) advertising, which leads to a lack of consistent access for tourists. Eco-tourism residences that include the physics of the house, cultural and artistic conditions that are offered to tourists by the owner of the residence, provide this opportunity for tourists with various financial conditions and special purposes, which with the help of start-up companies that The adjusted cultural diamond center is located, on the one hand, to solve the problem of wandering, not finding accommodation suitable for the financial status or diverse tastes of tourists, and on the other hand, the possibility of advertising to find tourists according to the level of interest in the accommodation and the amount of the travel budget. It should also be facilitated that, in general, while maintaining the native and local values of the tribes in the villages, it will lead to the growth of sustainable employment, prevent the migration of villagers to the big cities, and create a suitable platform for the realization of reverse migration to the villages. In the meantime, the role of the government in supporting the economy of such businesses is certainly doubly important; Because there is a chain link between the tourist attractions, the newness of the accommodation and the activity of start-ups, because the middle link of all these are the service distribution units; That is, startups can play an important role in marketing and introducing tourist spots to transfer culture. In the current essay, from the perspective of the metaphorical view of the cultural diamond modified by Victoria D. Alexander (1959), a sociologist at Harvard University in England, it has been tried to look at the chain relationships of elements such as distributors as the main axis, creator, consumer. , society, art, and for the sustainable development of eight villages in the central part of Lahijan, such as: Sustan, Bijarbagh, Ahandan, Sarcheshme, Satal Sar, Lialman, Sheikhanbar and Ahandan; Based on the findings of the research, with the help of start-ups, the villagers have been able to play an important role in the cultural transfer of the ecosystem, along with agriculture and tea cultivation, by building and renting their creative and stratified residences, according to their budget. And marketing will strengthen this cultural-economic flow. The start-up companies that have started working in recent years with the support of the Science and Technology Park organization in Gilan, relying on business knowledge and using techniques, have tried to register the motivational criteria of tourists with all tastes. and become the link between the production of cultural content in ecotourism places, the most successful start-ups in accordance with the cultural diamond approach are: 1- Jajigah Company: It is an internet-physical start-up founded by Babak Sohrabi with the slogan: Every place is like your own home with online accommodation booking in Lahijan city, which has been providing services to attract city, provincial, national and sometimes cross-border tourists since 2014. 2- Alibaba company under the management of Majid Hosseininejad, which since 2009 has been responsible for intermediation between tourism and ecotourism areas and places for travelers and advertisements for accommodation owners, and has been successful in achieving the two-way goals of travel pleasure and earning sustainable income. has been This internet company, with more than ten years of business experience and five years of experience in manufacturing and holding Tosha, was nominated for the ninth election of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Farda Coalition; 3- Flamingo Company: since 2015, by identifying the talents of ecotourism and the demands of tourists in different regions, it has a large target community. This research tries to use Alexander's modified cultural diamond theory with the field method and using library and electronic resources to investigate the economic development factors of the villages in the central part of Lahijan. Although tourism and art are both human-oriented and comforting, they should not be considered two separate categories; Tourism capacity is generally limited; But the ability of art is high, so when these two are put together, they can help the country's artistic and non-oil resources. The challenge facing artists and cultural and artistic activists in this direction is the lack of parallel work of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Cultural Heritage in such a way that art is placed under the Ministry of Guidance and Tourism under the Ministry of Cultural Heritage; Therefore, the budgeting of artistic resources is also different. A part of art, such as traditional arts and handicrafts, is under the category of tourism, and cinema, visual arts, music, and theater are under the category of the Ministry of Guidance. While in art tourism, the coordination of both ministries is needed, so that if a general and official memorandum is signed between these ministries, there will be no problem in planning, decision-making and implementation even with the change of managers.

Key words: cultural diamond, ecology, village, Victoria D. Alexander, Art.


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