The Role of Start-ups in the Development of Artistic Ecology in the Villages of the Central Part of Lahijan (Based on the Modified Cultural Diamond Approach of Victoria D. Alexander)

Document Type : Research Paper


MSc., Department of Art, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Gilan University, Rasht, Iran.


In recent years, start-up companies have played an important role in the development of ecotourism and, ultimately, a sustainable economy. Gilan; Especially Lahijan city, which is known as the bride of Gilan, with the attraction of the pool, mountain, forest and green fields of tea and rice, clay soil, wooden architecture, delicious local food, local music, handicrafts, etc. plays an important role in attracting Bombardan has that in the present essay, from the perspective of the cultural diamond metaphor, adapted from Victoria D. Alexander (1959), a sociologist of University of London, England, it is tried to the chain relationships of elements such as distributors in the four axes of creation. consumer, society, and art with a focus on the sustainable development of eight rural points in the central part of Lahijan, namely: Sustan, Bijarbagh, Ahandan, Sarcheshme, Satal Sar, Lialman, Sheikhanbar and Ahandan; This research tries to use Alexander's modified cultural diamond theory with the field method and using library and electronic resources to investigate the economic development factors of the villages in the central part of Lahijan. Based on the findings of the research, the villagers of this region have been able to play an important role in the cultural transfer of the ecosystem with the help of start-ups, building and renting creative and leveled and almost cheap residences, along with agriculture and tea cultivation, which are supported by government financial support and marketing. Most of this will strengthen the cultural-economic flow.


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