Analysis of the Role of Women’s Entrepreneurs in the rural Development of Somehsara County

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1 1. Ph. D student, Department of Geography and Rural Planning, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran.

2 2. Professor, Department of Geography and Rural Planning, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran.

3 3. Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Rural Planning, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran.



1. Introduction

Rural entrepreneurship seeks to identify new opportunities, innovation and creativity in agricultural and non-agricultural activities, land use and optimal, diverse and innovative use in the direction of rural development. So far, many countries have addressed the category of women's entrepreneurship in the village. In our country, measures have been taken in the field of development and promotion of rural women's entrepreneurship. In order to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the fields and factors of creation and development of women entrepreneurs in the village, the present research investigated and analyzed the most important factors affecting the success of women entrepreneurs in the rural development of Somehsara city. The purpose of this research is to analyze the role of women entrepreneurs in the development of the village.

2. Methodology

The present research method is a descriptive-analytical survey type. The statistical population of the research is made up of women entrepreneurs of Somehsara city. The data collection tools were interviews and researcher-made questionnaires. The extracted data were analyzed using SPSS software and integrated models (FARAS+FCOPRAS) and WASTPAS fuzzy model and Arc GIS 10.3 software. Also, to draw the maps, the statistical samples of the research were selected from 151 villages of Soumesara city, 27 villages with women entrepreneurs were selected, and 51 people (women entrepreneurs) and 36 local village managers (villagers and shura) were identified using the available sampling method. and were selected.

3. Results

Rural development according to economic factors, the employment status of Soumesara city with a value of 3.13, the continuation and expansion of the activities of women entrepreneurs, 3.00, the employment of non-native people in profitable jobs, 3.10, the level of job satisfaction in the sector created by women in the discussion of creating job opportunities For rural women and youth, it is 3.05 and in the employment index, it is 3.02 in the discussion of creating and developing entrepreneurship. Also, in the social spheres, the index of strengthening communication and social trust in items, the tendency to attend organizations outside the village with an average of 3.22, increasing trust in existing organizations inside the village with an average of 3.13 and increasing communication with other rural areas with an average of 3.10 in The city is Somehsara.

Chi-square test was used to analyze the role of women entrepreneurs in rural development. In examining the correlation between the role of women entrepreneurs and rural development, the examination of the test values showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between all the variables. According to the results of Kramer's V test, due to the high numerical value of this statistic, it can be concluded that the intensity of the relationship between the two variables of the role of women entrepreneurs in the rural development of Soumesara city is significant.

According to the findings, among the economic indicators, the income increase index with 71.66 points, employment with 71.51 points, investment with 71.45 points, and facilities with 71.31 points were assigned the highest and lowest levels, respectively. Also, the results of Kramer's test show that the numerical value of this statistic is 0.543, which is significant at the 0.05 level. Since the numerical value of this statistic is high, it can be concluded that the intensity of the relationship between the variable of the role of women entrepreneurs in rural development (social factors) in Soumesara city is high.

According to the obtained results, among the social indicators, the social participation index with a score of 71.44, the improvement of the quality of life with a score of 71.31, the demographic transformation of the village with a score of 71.20, education and awareness with a score of 71.15, and the strengthening of social communication and trust with a value of 71.11 have the highest and lowest impact. about the role of women entrepreneurs in the villages of Soumesara city. In line with the results obtained, the role of women entrepreneurs in the social development of Soumesara villages is relatively high and the social participation index has the greatest impact on women's entrepreneurship.

4. Discussion

In the explanation of the obtained findings, considering that the city of Soumesara has suitable weather conditions for agricultural, animal husbandry, industrial activities, etc., it can have effective conditions in rural development and be a suitable platform for attracting tourists. The findings of the present research show that women entrepreneurs have been successful in the field of rural development in Somehsara city. Therefore, the efforts of women entrepreneurs in villages to achieve rural development can be effective.

5. Conclusion

In rural development, the role of women's entrepreneurship is such that the activity of rural women entrepreneurs is considered as a generator of production and labor in this field. Especially for the development of villages, the participation of women entrepreneurs in development programs can play a significant role. Based on theoretical analysis, the development of entrepreneurship and successful entrepreneurs in rural areas should be considered as human capital, because as creative, innovative and thinking forces in their field of activity, they can create a tremendous transformation in rural life and development. Creating and rescuing villages from stagnation (poverty, unemployment, traditional life patterns and monogamy without diversity) and even collapse in some cases (vacation of villages due to immigration). Researches conducted in the field of women's entrepreneurship in villages emphasize the importance of recognizing this capital and strengthening its dimensions in order to maximize the performance of people in different roles. Based on the findings of past researches, increasing attention to the role of women in entrepreneurship and efforts to promote it can be effective in rural development.


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