Author = Momeni Taromsari, Fatemeh
Determining the Optimal Employment Pattern in Rural Areas of East Guilan

Volume 12, Issue 4, March 2022, Pages 800-815


Mohammad Ali Rahimipour Sheikhani Nejad; Habib Mahmoudi Chenari; Fatemeh Momeni Taromsari; Farzaneh Nasiri Jan Agha; Seyyedeh Fatemeh Emami

Development of Sustainable Rural Employment by Creating Skills Houses Based on the Scenario Method (Case Study: Rural Areas of East Guilan)

Volume 12, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 174-193


Habibi Mahmoodi Chenari; Mohammad Ali Rahimi Poursheikhani Nejad; Fatemeh Momeni Tarom Sari; Farzaneh Nasiri; Zahra Jensi